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Vision & Mission

House of Agroecology (HoA) is a benchmark organization that strengthens the credibility and scope of the entire sector by offering unified communication, common and validated scientific bases, a set of shared tools, a link for exchange and sharing of practices and of knowledge for all actors in agroecology.

HoA aims to connect actors through a common charter, to catalyze change and collectively propose concrete, operational and innovative actions. Without replacing existing players, HoA aims to promote the agroecological transition of agri-food chains in the interest of its members, farmers, companies and associations as well as society as a whole.

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Changing the agri-food chain is possible.
We’ve done it before.

Agroecologize existing agricultural value chains

Transform existing agri-food sectors and stimulate them to adopt an agro-ecological logic in order to meet consumer expectations and guarantee fair prices for farmers, producers of agroecological products.

Create new sectors of agroecological products

The challenges to be met are to structure the tools, repositories and projects, to centralize and disseminate knowledge in agroecology, to support farmers as well as to make the creation of new sectors visible and possible (eg plant proteins). ​

Connect actors

Strengthen the links between partners in the agroecological transition, farmers, agri-food companies and processors as well as make the initiatives more visible and show their complementarities.

Let's join us to accelerate the agroecological transition

Make agri-food chains more resilient