Commitment charter for industries

1° Respect the  vision  and values of The HoA movement ;

Respect the 13 principles of agroecology ;

  • Recycling : preferentially use local renewable resources and close as far as possible resource cycles of nutrients and biomass
  • Input reduction : reduce or eliminate dependency on purchased inputs and increase self-sufficiency
  • Soil health : secure and enhance soil health and functioning for improved plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biological activity

  • Animal health : ensure animal health and welfare

  • Biodiversity : maintain and enhance diversity of species, functional diversity and genetic resources and thereby maintain overall agroecosystem biodiversity in time and space at field, farm and landscape scales

  • Synergy : enhance positive ecological interaction, synergy, integration and complementarity among the elements of agroecosystems (animals, crops, trees, soil and water)

  • Economic diversification : diversify on-farm incomes by ensuring that small-scale farmers have greater financial independence and value addition opportunities while enabling them to respond to demand from consumers

  • Co-creation of knowledge : enhance co-creation and horizontal sharing of knowledge including local and scientific innovation, especially through farmer-to-farmer exchange

  • Social values and diets : build food systems based on the culture, identity, tradition, social and gender equity of local communities that provide healthy, diversified, seasonally and culturally appropriate diets

  • Fairness : support dignified and robust livelihoods for all actors engaged in food systems, especially small-scale food producers, based on fair trade, fair employment and fair treatment of intellectual property rights

  • Connectivity : ensure proximity and confidence between producers and consumers through promotion of fair and short distribution networks and by re-embedding food systems into local economies

  • Land and natural resource governance : strengthen institutional arrangements to improve, including the recognition and support of family farmers, smallholders and peasant food producers as sustainable managers of natural and genetic resources

  • Participation : encourage social organization and greater participation in decision-making by food producers and consumers to support decentralized governance and local adaptive management of agricultural and food systems  

 Also adopt the following concepts :

  • La restauration de la biodiversité agricole, base du fonctionnement des systèmes agroécologiques

  • La mise en oeuvre de techniques d’adaptation aux changements climatiques

  • La valorisation des services écosystémiques 

  • La définition d’un prix juste et un partage équilibré de la valeur ajoutée

  • Un partage du risque équilibré au sein de la filière

  • La valorisation d’une production locale

  • La création et le maintien d'emplois de qualité

  • Une approche de coopération transparente entre les parties prenantes 

  • Le déploiement des principes de l’économie circulaire

  • La valorisation de la diversité des cultures

Support the movement and participate in the collective ;

Acculturate stakeholders to agroecology ;

Supporting the transition and promoting agroecological production ;

Supporting the structuring of agroecological sectors ;

7° Establish an annual agroecological report (for continuous improvement) ;

 Comply with the rules when communicating about your commitments and actions .

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Sign the commitment charter to become a member of HoA